Water Treatment Container Units CCW KU


The water container treatment unit is designed for 2-stage treatment of surface and ground water.
The use and application of these treatment units are designed for:
– Treatment of surface water by clarification in acid, neutral, or alkaline areas of pH values of the reaction water by inorganic flocculating agents, possibly using organic flocculating agents;
– Separation of suspensions forming during the removal of iron and manganese and the removal of water by partial decarbonisation;
– Separation of suspensions forming during the reduction of calcium and magnesium ion content, especially the subsequent flocculation of inorganic or organic coagulants.

Performance parameters

The performance series of the water container treatment units is designed for outputs V: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 m3/h.
The performance of these treatment units can be combined or modified.


The use of water container treatment units has a number of advantages, including but not limited to:
– The compactness of the technological equipment, where installation is carried out directly in production;
– Raw water is connected at the installation site along with the connection to the distribution system for the treated water, the drainage system and the connection to the electricity supply;
– Reduction in construction work – only a base plate for positioning the container is built;
– Fully automated operation of the water treatment unit; only operating chemicals used during water treatment are added manually.

Water treatment technology

The water treatment unit is designed for 2-stage treatment of surface and ground water. The first separation stage consists of a pulse clarifier. The second separation stage consists of closed filters with sand cartridges having a designed filtration speed of 12 m3/h. This is subsequent filtration. The chemical solutions used for correcting the water reaction and coagulation are dosed into the raw water pipeline before clarification. After filtration, the treated water is health secured.

Layout solution

The layout solution corresponds to the outputs of the water container treatment units. For outputs of 10–12 m3/h, the technological equipment of the water treatment unit is located in one container.
For greater outputs, the equipment is placed in two or three separate containers.

The container dimensions are 6,050 x 2,435 x 2,435 mm.

Hutira CCW KU-1 water treatment container unit