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Hutira at the Restoration Conference


Hutira at the Water Management Infrastructure Restoration Conference In September, the fifth year of the Water Management Infrastructure Restoration Conference was held in Myslivna Hotel in Brno. The event was dedicated to reconstruction of water management facilities and pipeline systems, planning methods, utility status diagnostics, project funding options, and corresponding legal aspects. Further topics included […]

AAA Rating for HUTIRA – BRNO Company


Bisnode: AAA Rating for HUTIRA – BRNO Company Active in 19 European countries, Bisnode is a provider of high-quality business, economic and market information concerning corporations and entrepreneurs. Through its solutions, Bisnode helps companies to increase sales, minimize business risks and make the right business decisions. Strict evaluation criteria guarantee the exclusivity of listed companies […]

New G4 Diaphragm Gas Meter


New G4 Diaphragm Gas Meter with 110mm Spacing New G4 gas meters with 110mm spacing are now available in stock. Due to small dimensions and competitive price, they are typically used for secondary (internal) measurements in customer gas stations. Gallus G4 – 110mm has the same outer dimensions as Gallus G4 – 100mm with different […]

Plastic Boxes and Objects


Our current offer of plastic boxes and objects contains types and sizes for almost any possible installation. There are 3 main box series: S-series Boxes • The smallest box type in our stock. They are usually used to contain main gas valve. However, if necessary, a gas pressure regulator and gas meter can be placed […]

We supported a good cause


Our modest financial support was aimed to a cycling team „Plzeň v žíle“, which took part in a sports competion „111 ways to your dream „ /in Czech 111 Cesta za snem/ from 28 July to 1 August. More specificaly it was METROSTAV HANDY CYCLO MARATHON 2020. It was the longest cycling competion (team relay […]

Drinking Water Shortage or Quality Issues


Drinking Water Shortage or Quality Issues Require Prompt and Optimal Solutions Even on these hot summer days, we keep performing field tests of water samples. It is necessary to establish the correct parameters of the planned technology or measure. This applies both to brand new water treatment plants and reconstruction projects including integration of existing […]

Service for BAP Emergency Shut Off Valves


Even in summer and during vacation, the service department of HUTIRA – BRNO provides its clients with usual range of expert-level services. In addition to Fisher, Francel and Tartarini pressure regulators, the company newly provides expert level service for emergency shut off valves manufactured by Czech company – ARMAGAS Trinec. Based on available manufacturer recommendations, […]

Regulator Replacement


Regulator Replacement for a Safer Gas Supply It is not always possible to perform a complete renovation and replace all the old equipment with a new one. There are various reasons for partial overhaul procedures. Where it is not possible to carry out a complete reconstruction, it is still important to replace the core components […]

We Are Here For You


We always try to keep in touch with our clients, pay attention to their needs, and promptly respond to all requirements. There are no less-important customers and all projects matter. In 2017, we had an interesting project in Kyjov recreation facility in the Hutisko-Solanec village (Roznov pod Radhostem region). There, a well had been supplying […]

HUTIRA green gas


HUTIRA green gas, a New Business Partner on the Czech Market The motto of our company is “With respect for nature”. And here is how we at HUTIRA – BRNO understand this statement. With each implementation and customer, we try to emphasize the ecological approach – for every project and every day. We have been […]

30. Anniversary in the Gas Industry – HUTIRA


30. Anniversary of the “Rebels” in the Gas Industry – HUTIRA In May 2020, HUTIRA celebrated 30 years of presence on the Czech gas market. We owe this position to you, our customers and partners who have supported our continuous growth. Today, we can look back at thousands of successful projects, thousands of produced regulation […]

Treatment of extremely polluted water


Treatment of extremely polluted well water into quality drinking water In recent years, the topic of polluted water sources has attracted much attention in a global scale. Safe drinking water quality can be achieved using effective filtration. Innovative reverse osmosis systems provide an ideal filtering solution for drinking water in the household. Using existing CCW […]

Garden Pond – Clean and Clear Again!


Do you have a garden pond and want the swimming season to last as long as possible? In this case, its regular maintenance is a must! If the pond does not have a working ecosystem, the water purification must be supported externally. The truth is, the occurrence of algae is a very natural thing in […]

Successful Servicing of the EMERSON Valves


Our company was chosen to complete an interesting contract for the ZVU Engineering a.s Company. In addition to the traditional regulation technology, HUTIRA BRNO also offers service actions for the Emerson Process Management equipment. This includes service repairs and modifications of controlled regulation valves (e.g. in ZVU Engineering). “This project represents a new experience for […]

Reconstruction of Gas Regulation Lines


Reconstruction of the regulation lines for the gas boiler facility with Qmax of 1600m3/hour During a routine on-site check, the service staff of HUTIRA Slovakia s.r.o. Company found an obsolete regulator and slam shut valve with incorrect installation of the ventilation duct. As such, this setup did not comply with the corresponding technical standards. After […]



The operation of our HUTIRA – BRNO Company was not interrupted even during the COVID-19 outbreak. Until April 24th, we operated in a slightly limited mode of production, storage and service. Business activities and consulting were running as usual. All personal meetings at the company premises were canceled. Some employees used the home office, so […]

Implementation of an Interesting Project


Implementation of an Interesting Project in Slovakia Last year, we produced and delivered equipment for modernization of a heat generation plant in Martin (Slovakia). The delivery for ENGUL s.r.o. Company was supervised by HUTIRA Slovakia Company. The equipment included 3 regulation station RZ 500 1/1 – 400, that supply NG to KGJ engul 2000 GGCH […]

We are helping


We are helping with Supplies of Quality Drinking Water The Nedašova Lhota village can be found 7 km east of Valašské Klobouky town (Zlin region). The village lies in the White Carpathians protected landscape area. The first records of the village date back to 1503 and the name of the village is derived from Nedašov […]



Sustainable improvement of water quality of the urban environment has been the main topic of the Festival of Architecture (February 26-29 2020) together with Environmentally Friendly Building challenges. The new program of the Building Fair Brno 2020 brought together experts and projects of sustainable construction, introduced a functional solution for the future and opened an […]

Our New Forest


Recently, many companies have been trying to present themselves as environmentally friendly. The HUTIRA BRNO Company is not an exception. We have already published some information in November 2019 news. As you know, for 30 years we have been active in the field of gas industry. One of the reasons for this is the fact […]