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Service for BAP Emergency Shut Off Valves


Even in summer and during vacation, the service department of HUTIRA – BRNO provides its clients with usual range of expert-level services. In addition to Fisher, Francel and Tartarini pressure regulators, the company newly provides expert level service for emergency shut off valves manufactured by Czech company – ARMAGAS Trinec. Based on available manufacturer recommendations, […]

Regulator Replacement


Regulator Replacement for a Safer Gas Supply It is not always possible to perform a complete renovation and replace all the old equipment with a new one. There are various reasons for partial overhaul procedures. Where it is not possible to carry out a complete reconstruction, it is still important to replace the core components […]

We Are Here For You


We always try to keep in touch with our clients, pay attention to their needs, and promptly respond to all requirements. There are no less-important customers and all projects matter. In 2017, we had an interesting project in Kyjov recreation facility in the Hutisko-Solanec village (Roznov pod Radhostem region). There, a well had been supplying […]