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The operation of our HUTIRA – BRNO Company was not interrupted even during the COVID-19 outbreak. Until April 24th, we operated in a slightly limited mode of production, storage and service. Business activities and consulting were running as usual. All personal meetings at the company premises were canceled. Some employees used the home office, so […]

Implementation of an Interesting Project


Implementation of an Interesting Project in Slovakia Last year, we produced and delivered equipment for modernization of a heat generation plant in Martin (Slovakia). The delivery for ENGUL s.r.o. Company was supervised by HUTIRA Slovakia Company. The equipment included 3 regulation station RZ 500 1/1 – 400, that supply NG to KGJ engul 2000 GGCH […]

We are helping


We are helping with Supplies of Quality Drinking Water The Nedašova Lhota village can be found 7 km east of Valašské Klobouky town (Zlin region). The village lies in the White Carpathians protected landscape area. The first records of the village date back to 1503 and the name of the village is derived from Nedašov […]